April 16, 2021
Third call proposals for TNA

Overview and statistics

We have received a record number of proposals to the Third TNA call and are very excited to evaluate and select high-quality projects. The announcement of the selected projects will be made in the first half of July 2021.





# Applications by topics

Other topics: 

FFPE (5 applications), Single Cell, Spatial (4 applications), Epigenetics, long-read (2 applications), Epigenetics, FFPE (2 applications), aDNA, Long-read (1 application), Spatial, Epigenetics (1 application), Single Cell, Epigenetics (1 application), Integrative Data analysis (1 application).

Most requested techniques in applications

Other techniques:

HiC Seq (8 applications), FFPE exome sequencing (7 applications), In situ seq (Integrative data analysis/image analysis) (6 applications), SC ATAC Seq (5 applications), WG ox-BS Seq (5 applications), In situ seq (RCA) (4 applications), ATAC Seq (4 applications), SC DNA Seq (3 applications), SC DNA/RNA Seq (3 applications), FFPE RNA sequencing (2 applications), SC RNA + V(D)J Seq (2 applications).

# Applications by countries

Other countries:

The Netherlands (6 applications), Austria (5 applications), Belgium (5 applications), Switzerland (4 applications), Czech Republic (3 applications), Estonia (3 applications), Pakistan (3 applications), Finland (2 applications), Malta (2 applications), USA (2 applications), Argentina (1 application),  Australia (1 application), Croatia (1 application), Cyprus (1 application), UK (1 application), Norway (1 application), Poland (1 application), Serbia (1 application), Slovenia (1 application), Sweden (1 application), Tunesia (1 application).

Related news

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