July 21, 2021
Selected proposals of the Third TNA call

Overview and statistics

We are pleased to announce the selection of 33 proposals, including one coming from industry. The distribution per country, topic and gender can be seen below. Congratulations to all awarded applicants! 


Selected projects




Gender of awarded applicants

# Selected projects by topics.

Other topics:

FFPE (1 selected project), Single Cell, Spatial (1 selected project), Epigenetics, long-read (1 selected project), aDNA, Long-read (1 selected project), Spatial, Epigenetics (1 selected project).

Most requested techniques in selected projects

Other techniques:

 In situ seq (Integrative data analysis/image analysis) (2 selected proposals),  In situ seq (RCA) (2 selected proposals), FFPE exome sequencing (1 selected proposal), WG ox-BS Seq (1 selected proposal), Integrative Data Analysis (1 selected proposal).

# Selected proposals by countries

Selected proposals by countries:

Spain (10 Selected proposals), Italy (8 Selected proposals), France (2 Selected proposals), Germany(2 Selected proposals), Netherlands (2 Selected proposals), Austria (1 Selected proposal), Belgium (1 Selected proposal), Czech Republic (1 Selected proposal), Great Britain (1 Selected proposal),Poland (1 Selected proposal), Portugal (1 Selected proposal), Sweden (1 Selected proposal), Tunesia (1 Selected proposal), USA (1 Selected proposal).

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