March 09, 2023
Highlights from the Stakeholder Meeting at SciLifeLab

Highlights from the Stakeholder Meeting at SciLifeLab, Stockholm

EASI-Genomics aims at building a community of practice which leverages advanced sequencing technologies beyond country and sector borders to tackle global challenges in science. On 7th-8th March, EASI-Genomics organized a hybrid event for stakeholders from the scientific community.

About 50 participants attended on-site at the SciLifeLab-premises, with different profiles represented from academia, funding bodies, TNA-users and industry. These leading companies in the genomics field presented their latest technologies: 10X Genomics - Illumina - LGC Clinical Diagnostics - Oxford Nanopore Technologies - PacBio – Roche.

In addition, the event was set up in a hybrid format, so additionally about 40 participants could follow the presentations from anywhere in the world. We thank the excellent organization and support by the team at SciLifeLab for running this event so smoothly!

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