May 11, 2023
EASI-Genomics Summit: Advanced Genomics in Science and Medicine

Impressions from the EASI-Genomics Final Summit

EASI-Genomics has carried out diverse research projects covering topics as de novo assembly, transcriptomic and epigenetic analysis, and has contributed during the Covid-19 pandemic to elucidating the genetic causes underlying severe Covid-related disease. EASI-Genomics is finishing at the end of July and the "EASI-Genomics Summit: Advanced Genomics in Science and Medicine" was the closing public event. At this event we highlighted some of the achievements of EASI-Genomics in the context of the needs of the research community.

A quote from Ivo Gut, Director of CNAG and EASI-Genomics Coordinator: "It has been an excellent showcase of the impact of advanced genomics technologies, of the diverse projects EASI-Genomics has helped to realize, as well as on the positive influence EASI-Genomics had in boosting the career of over 100 researchers."

Janine Altmüller, head of the Genomics Platform at MDC: "The exchange of best-practises with other genomic platforms led to the joint development and optimization of new genomics methods" - read the full interview here.

We were indeed honoured to have seven of our TNA-users present at this event and are pleased to see that our support made a difference in their research. Finally, we wish to thank all our consortium members for their considerable efforts in making this project a success story.

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