DNA LAB and Core Facility of Institute of Genomics

Institute of Genomics of the University of Tartu (EGCUT), previously known as Estonian Genome Centre, is a research institute of the University of Tartu whose aim is to promote the development of human genetic research, collecting information on health issues and genetics of the Estonian population and implement genomics data into medical practice with the aim to improve the population health. The activities of the EGCUT are focused on using the results of the latest genomic research to improve public health and on acting as a developer of personalized medicine in Estonia. The EGCUT is a centre identified for the Estonian and European Research (Infrastructure)
Roadmap and a partner for the Centre of Excellence in Genomics. The EGCUT is participating in the European Strategy Forum on the Research Infrastructures project Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI–ERIC, head of the National Node is Prof. A. Metspalu) and is also one of the charter members of the international biobank consortium ”Public Population Project in Genomics” (P3G). 

UT will contribute with its expertise on human genomics, ancient DNA in access provision and harmonization.

Technical equipment and infrastructure 

The technology available at the EGCUT includes an Illumina HiSeq2500, MiSeq and HiScanSQ instruments, supported by relevant robotics and experienced staff. The Genotyping and Sequencing Core laboratory of EGCUT is Illumina certified service provider (CSPro) for sequencing, gene expression and genotyping (ABI7900HT, STARLet pipetting). New infrastructure (including new building from April 2012), international team and excellent training of scientists has made it possible for EGCUT to join to large international research consortia either in EU FP6 and 7 framework (like ENGAGE, EUCLOCK, LifeSPAN) or globally like GIANT, BBMRI, P3G.
For data analysis and storage, EGCUT has a high performance IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) consisting of 2 frontend servers and 1200 TB data storage plus 30 PB backup on tapes. EGCUT has fast (20Gb/s) connection to the high-performance computing cluster (5200 CPU) of the University of Tartu HPC centre. Additionally, EGCUT has two servers of our own for data analysis, with 2 TB RAM and 208 CPU cores, 1.1 PB active storage and 3.4 PB on tapes. The ancient DNA facility is a state-of-the-art, positive pressurized, HEPA filtered, clean lab with the capacity to process up to 100 samples per week. There are two separate drilling rooms and three extraction/purification/library preparation rooms, which allow for up to five people to work concurrently.