Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico

CNAG-CRG is one of the major genome analysis centres in Europe, covering next-generation sequencing and data analysis. Activities cover whole-genome, targeted, transcriptome, epigenome and single cell sequencing applied to human and non-human species.

Projects are supported from study design, through the laboratory, sequencing and data analytical procedures to the interpretation of results.

The CNAG-CRG is certified as Illumina CS Pro – Certified Provider, Agilent Exome Sequencing Certified Provider and Roche Certified Service Provider for SeqCap EZ Target Enrichment Systems.
The operation of CNAG-CRG is certified ISO 9001 and accredited ISO 17025.

CNAG-CRG  will provide Transnational Access to whole genome bisulphite sequencing, targeted bisulphite sequencing, whole genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, exome sequencing, RNA sequencing and single cell analysis.

Technical equipment and infrastructure

CNAG-CRG operates 8 Illumina (NovaSeq6000, HiSeq4000, HiSeq2500, MiSeq) and 3 Oxford Nanopore MinIon and one GridIon sequencing instruments. The total sequencing output exceeds 200 Terabases per year. In the first half of 2018 CNAG-CRG will add a 10X Genomics Chromium controller. CNAG-CRG also operates its own High Performance Computer with 3500 cores and 7,5 Terabytes of data storage. The entire processes at CNAG-CRG are tracked using an in house developed Laboratory Information Management System.

CNAG-CRG is certified as Illumina CS Pro – Certified Provider and Agilent Exome Sequencing Certified Provider. The operation of CNAG is certified ISO 9001 and accredited ISO 17025.

CRG also hosts the CRG-EGA (European Genome-phenome Archive) node. EGA is a service for permanent archiving and sharing of all types of personally identifiable genetic and phenotypic data resulting from biomedical research projects. The data at EGA was collected from individuals whose consent agreements authorize data release only for specific research use or to bona fide researchers. Strict protocols govern how information is managed, stored and distributed by the EGA project.


Hi-C Seq

Genome-wide Chromatin Conformation Capture method using proximity ligation