Calls for access
Open and transparent competition to select the best user projects

 Access in a nutshell

EASI-Genomics will provide free-of-charge sequencing and data analysis services to selected projects. Researchers from academia or industry willing to benefit from this opportunity will have to submit complete proposals responding to the EASI-Genomics Calls, through the online application platform established for this purpose. Eligible proposals will be evaluated by external reviewers, and eventually selected and allocated to one of the EASI-Genomics facilities. The sections below summarize the application, selection, and implementation processes.

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Access: EASI-Genomics provides Transnational Access through its 11 Infrastructure nodes/facilities. The support offered comprises sample processing, sequencing and/or large-scale genomics data analysis. EASI-Genomics will support between 150 and 300 access projects for a total budget of 6 million € over the next 4 years.

Providers: Eleven infrastructure nodes or facilities will be providing sequencing and/or bioinformatic analyses services. More information about EASI-Genomics facilities can be found here

Services provided: EASI-Genomics offer is focused on advanced sequencing and data analysis services. The list of services offered by EASI-Genomics can be found here

Timeline: EASI-Genomics will launch four calls over a period of 4 years. EASI-Genomics Transnational and Extraordinary Access Calls will be announced and published on EASI-Genomics website and on its Twitter account (@EasiGenomics). The opening and closing date and time of each call as well as the topics and services offered for each call will be published online on this page.

  • Applicants will be able to submit their proposal through an online application platform on the website for a period of 6 weeks.
  • Applicants will be notified about acceptance/rejection of their proposal within 8 to 10 weeks.
  • The selected users will have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding no later than 3 months after notification of the project's selection.
  • Samples and/or data will have to reach the EASI-Genomics providers within 6 months of the notification of the project's selection.

Online application system: The ARIA application platform for EASI-Genomics Access Calls is handled by Instruct-ERIC. Although potential EASI-Genomics users are requested to register with the ARIA system, the application, review and reporting process will be handled by EASI-Genomics.

Open science policy: Data resulting from EASI-Genomics access should be published by the user. Open access (gold or green) is required for any publication of access results. Costs of open-access publication should be covered by the user.

An exception may be considered for SMEs accessing EASI-Genomics services, which are encouraged but not obligated to disseminate the access project results.

Sequencing data generated with EASI-Genomics facility(ies) have to be deposited to the open access repositories legally set up and maintained by the EBI and CNAG-CRG, namely the ENA and EGA databases for open and controlled access respectively, no later than publication time.

Funding statement: EASI-Genomics funding must be clearly acknowledged in all publications by: “EASI-Genomics - This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824110”.

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