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LGC is a global leader in the life sciences sector; our scientific tools and solutions are essential to our customers’ goals in improving human healthcare, agri-food technology & the environment. As the UK’s designated institute for chemical and bio-measurement and home of the Government Chemist, we deliver world-leading measurement science to solve complex global challenges, ensuring trust and confidence in the thousands of measurements performed routinely within the UK to improve quality of life.
Science is the foundation of our organisation. Many of our employees are leading scientists in their field, providing unique strength and depth to the products we cover.  A high proportion (>20%) of our laboratory colleagues hold postgraduate qualifications. We publish extensively in scientific literature and contribute to international meetings whilst adhering strictly to client confidentiality requirements. We also invest heavily in our scientific infrastructure and capability as well as developing new innovative products for our customers.
Our objective is to ensure that the full knowledge of our science base is available for the benefit of all of our stakeholders. To assist this we have created internal science networks that bring together experts from different parts of the organisation, working in similar areas or on the same technology platforms. These networks enable the effective exchange of information, the sharing of best practice and the review of future trends and developments across all of our key scientific platforms.
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