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The National Center of Human Genomics Research (CNRGH) is part of the Institut de Biologie François Jacob (IBFJ) within the Fundamental Research Division (DRF) of the CEA. The CNRGH’s main objective is to advance research of the genetics/genomics of human diseases through internal and collaborative research programs. The CNRGH is specialized in the field of Human Genomics, involved in Rare and Common diseases, but also in cancer (breast, prostate, kidney), in autoimmune diseases, psychiatric, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. The CNRGH is equipped with state-of-the-art platforms and laboratories to perform genomics studies including genotyping, sequencing, expression profiling, DNA methylation analysis and functional genomic applications. In addition a technological development laboratory performs extensive testing on the latest omics based technologies to ensure the CNRGH is continually updating its technological capacity. The CEA-CNRGH is in the top 3 European sequencing/genotyping facilities with a core infrastructure of 15 high and medium throughput Illumina sequencers (NovaSeq6000, HiSeq4000, several HiSeq2500, NextSeq500, Miseq) and a HiSeq X5 platform allowing to generate 12000 WGS per year. The infrastructure offered by the CEA-CNRGH results each year in more than 100 collaborative projects and 70 publications. The CEA-CNRGH employs a total of 80 staff (scientists, engineers, technicians, administrative & support personnel) that are regrouped into several scientific platforms, a bioinformatics group and an administration unit.

  • Rue Leblanc 25, PARIS 15 75015, France